Coronavirus pandemic affecting college admissions for high school seniors

Coronavirus pandemic affecting college admissions for high school seniors
Posted at 10:24 PM, Apr 16, 2020

Some high school seniors who were looking to attend college this fall, are making some alternative plans. Ideas about college are changing because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Seniors at Southside High School pick up their caps and gowns, not knowing if they'll have a chance to walk across the stage, but in some cases, their plans post-graduation have also changed.

"I plan on going to the Air Force," said high school senior, Chyna Compton.

But that wasn't Compton's original plan. Chyna Compton applied to several universities, but not being able to tour any of the campuses was the deciding factor.

And her new plans have been affected by the pandemic.

"It took like two weeks for me to get in touch with my recruiter. I finally got in touch with him a couple days ago. So we have to try to come up with a plan for whenever it's time for me to go," said

For other seniors, they still plan to admit college.

"I'm planning on going to UL and studying elementary education," said high school senior, Alyssa Amy was able to apply and get admitted before the pandemic started, and attending orientation a little differently.

"The orientation says that's it's going to be virtual. So I don't know how that's gonna be. I don't know where anything is at UL and not doing it in person makes me nervous," said Amy.

Alyssa's mother, Kim Amy says, "I wanted her to be able to go to see where her classes were but I get it, I get why they're not doing it."