Carencro finding ways to stand together during hard times

Welcomed Jaxon Comeaux home from St. Jude's Hospital
Posted at 6:35 PM, Apr 22, 2020

Drawings can be found all over Carencro that have been created by different individuals, each having their own special meaning in hopes of lifting someone's spirit.

"We basically did this obstacle course to get the kids outdoors and moving. It's something fun for parents and kids to do together," said Kori-Kate Comeaux.

Kori-Kate and best friend, Alexius Comeaux, got creative and drew up an obstacle course for the community. Kori-Kate says her favorite artwork is the tribute to a little boy named Eli, who's been in the Texas Children's Hospital for months.

"I think it's awesome because we got to Facetime with him after, and he seemed really excited, and his mom was really excited. It was a good feeling to be able to do that for him," said Kori-Kate.

As the community continues to pray for Eli, they were able to welcome home Jaxon Comeaux Tuesday night, Carencro style. Both the police and fire department got involved in putting on a social-distancing parade.

"He's been in St. Jude's hospital for the last eight or nine months. To see his smile on his face knowing what he has been going through with this battle at St. Jude's Hospital, we want to be there for him," said Chief David Anderson.

Chief Anderson says there's been over a dozen birthday parades. People are dropping off donations where they can, and local businesses have stepped up.

"We need to not stop this once this virus has slowed way down. We need to continue what we're doing now. It's only going to make us stronger in the longer run," said Chief Anderson.