Baltimore Raven & Abbeville native motivates student athletes during COVID-19

Anthony Levine makes a virtual stop in Acadiana
Posted at 7:40 PM, May 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-22 21:08:04-04

An Abbeville native who's entering his 11th season in the NFL is using his platform to motivate athletes as they remain unsure of when they will return to the field.

"It's been hard being away from the game for a long time," said former Westgate Defensive back, Cam Williams.

With many student-athletes missing the feeling of working out and practicing with teammates, Anthony Levine, the two-time super bowl champion, found a way to motivate a few of these athletes that are in similar situations.

"I can't physically go out and have my camp, so I started to the zoom thing. So, that's really how it started," said Anthony Levine Sr.

An idea that has now reached many student-athletes in a variety of states. Last week the virtual meeting made it's way to next level fitness in Acadiana.

"I want to do what I can. I want to get out there and help as many kids as possible," said Levine.

The virtual calls have been more interactive than Levine ever imagined, and the best part is he gets to pump the guys up with a little trash talk.

"We have the same mindset. He's very competitive. He was talking a lot of trash, but he inspired a lot of people," said New Iberia senior Michael Akins.

The 11 year veteran says he will continue to use virtual discussions and his 4Every1 Foundation to reach as many aspiring athletes as he can.

"If a kid comes out and he is like 25 years old, and I hear a kid say Anthony Levine told me this one time, that would do it for me," said Levine.

To keep up with Levine's latest camps and future virtual discussions, you can head over to his foundations website.