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Pelican Pointe residents are loving their field trips

Posted at 11:08 PM, Mar 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-16 14:21:35-04

A video posted to social media of a group of nursing home residents getting daiquiris has gone viral.

KATC learned the group came from Pelican Pointe in Maurice where field trips are a way of life. The residents say they still have a lot of life to live.

“I’m not 16-years-old. We can do what we want, you know, baby. Hey. We can do what we want,” said Patsy Richard.

Residents, like Richard, say field trips at Pelican Pointe are something she always looks forward to, and a trip to get daiquiris was no different.

“You’re never too old, baby; you’re never too old,” Richard said.

In fact, age isn’t really a factor at Pelican Pointe. Resident play basketball, tennis, and pool. They take private plane rides and trips to the barbershop. The residents even have a chant on the bus rides to their events.

“You’re never too old as long as you can walk. There is only one thing I regret not doing at the farm. I wish they would have asked if anybody wanted to ride the horse. I would have done it,” Olita Frederick said.

“In today’s culture, I believe that the difference is having a choice. Because you have a choice, you can decide to stay here and not participate, or you can get dressed, put on your Sunday’s best and continue to see the world and enjoy things,” Pelican Pointe Program and Design Director Michele Veillon said.

Mr. And Mrs. Cousins have been married for 67 years, and they say it gets no better than Pelican Pointe.

“This retirement home is great. It’s nice, too, and you don’t feel all boxed in,” Mrs. Cousin said.

The staff says the field trips prevent residents from feeling isolated. The residents will even be having a senior prom in April.