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VPSB members vote to “censure” their president

Posted at 10:18 PM, Dec 03, 2018
and last updated 2019-07-31 16:21:00-04


Vermilion Parish School Board President Stacy Landry, who has clashed with half of his fellow board members in recent weeks, was the target of a “censure” by those members tonight.

Four board members voted to censure Landry, who is facing a re-election run-off this Saturday. It was the same four who have been fighting with Landry over the past year or so: Laura LeBeouf, Kibbie Pillette, David Dupuis and Sara Duplechin.

The board initially posted an agenda with two potential executive sessions: one to discuss Landry’s rescheduling of a board meeting that was canceled because the four didn’t show up, and another to discuss his censure.

KATC checked with our attorneys, who told us that both items had to be discussed in open session unless Landry asked that they be closed.

“It’s ridiculous is basically what I have to sayIt’sts nonsense, Its desperate measure. I have no idea where they come up with this, but I’ve been as fair as I can be trying to bring these people together,” Landry said.

However, when the meeting started, David Dupius took over the meeting on the censure measure and LeBeouf said she would not allow any debate. She allowed Landry one comment, and when he tried to speak again, she interrupted him.

The censure has no actual effect; according to Robert’s Rules of Order, the procedure the board follows, it is a way for members of a board to show their displeasure at the actions of another member. However, those rules also say that the person who is the target of the censure is allowed to debate it.

“If you get a ruling from the officer of the court, who was put in place to oversee this hearing of Jerome Puyau, if that man sends me a letter stating that he has to be reinstated, I’m going to listen to the court. I don’t care who you are as a fellow board member,” Landry said.

Audience members shared their frustration with the board during public comment, saying the wounds need to be healed and everyone needs to forgive.