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St. Landry Parish cracking down on underage drinking

Posted at 6:17 PM, Mar 14, 2019

The St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office is continuing to crack down on anyone serving alcohol to underage minors.

The Sheriff’s Office says that includes at “beverage outlets” or house parties.

Deputies have been conducting underage drinking details on weekends and during Mardi Gras, according to a release. 

The following 25 tickets were written during that time:

  • 3 tickets to age 16
  • 2 tickets to age 17
  • 3 tickets to age 18
  • 10 tickets to age 19
  • 7 tickets to age 20 

According to deputies, the tickets were written to the underage minors who were walking the streets and were in possession of alcohol. 

Tickets and arrests have also been made to alcohol establishments and hosts of private parties serving alcohol to minors.   

“The problem lies with the supervision at parties where there is a presence of alcohol and the minors are allowed to consume alcohol.  Anyone hosting a party or serving alcohol to minors should be aware that they could be held criminally and personally liable for the actions of their guests while at their party or leaving an alcohol establishment,” added Guidroz. 

Investigators and deputies have been instructed by Sheriff Guidroz to investigate all complaints regarding underage drinking.

“If any adult is found to have given, sold, or sponsored an event where underage minors are allowed to consume alcohol, they will be held accountable and charged accordingly”, Guidroz stated.