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KATC Investigates: Opelousas kidnapping suspect arrested multiple times for domestic abuse

Posted at 5:14 PM, Mar 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-11 18:14:53-04
Kevin James Savoie

KATC Investigates has obtained court records that show Kevin James Savoie, 33, of Opelousas has been arrested multiple times for simple battery and domestic abuse against women that he shares children with.

According to court records, in 2015, Savoie was charged with one count of domestic abuse battery and one count of domestic abuse aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon against Tiquenchia Laws.

Laws is the same victim that Savoie is accused of kidnapping over the weekend.

Court records state that Savoie pled guilty to those charges and was sentenced to three years hard labor, which was then suspended. He was given four years of probation. Savoie was also ordered to attend anger management classes as part of his probation.

In 2012, Savoie was charged with domestic abuse battery against another woman, and also pled guilty. He was ordered to pay a fine of $300 or serve 30 days in jail. He also was sentenced to five months in St. Landry Parish jail, but that sentence also was suspended in favor of one year of active supervised probation. As part of that probation, he was ordered to pay $30 per month and enroll in and complete an anger management program.

In 2009, Savoie was driving with yet another woman, described in court documents has his ex-girlfriend at the time, in Grand Coteau toward Opelousas to deliver some shoes to their son. While on the road, Savoie’s current girlfriend at the time drove up behind his car in attempt to get him to pull over, which he did. Savoie’s current girlfriend, who was carrying their five-month-old infant daughter with her, confronted Savoie who then began to hit her while she was holding their infant daughter.

During the altercation, the current girlfriend dropped the infant into the grass next to the road. That’s when the ex-girlfriend left the car to rescue the child off the side of the road. After she did, Savoie then punched her in the face and left her with a “swollen, black and blue left eye.”

Savoie was released on a $2500 bond and was ordered not to have any contact with the victims.

Savoie’s extensive rap sheet also includes a 2006 charge of Domestic Abuse Battery where he pled guilty and was sentenced to pay a fine of $100 plus court costs or serve 30 days in parish jail. He was also sentenced to serve an additional 30 days in parish jail, suspended, and placed on one year active supervised probation and pay $25 per month.