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Opelousas Police dealing with catalytic converter theft

Posted at 11:05 PM, Feb 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-19 00:05:23-05

The Opelousas Police Department is dealing with a unique crime. Catalytic Converter theft. Thieves have been going around the city stealing the devices from vehicles, and investigators believe they know the reason. Police say they take just a few minutes to steal from under the car, however, it’s the metal inside of the converter that is worth decent money.

“It’s part of the emissions and exhaust systems. It will still run without the converter but it won’t run properly. As you noticed it will run really loud and you will notice it has been removed from the vehicle,” Major Mark Guidry said.

The police department was first notified by a citizen who realized what was going on, but it didn’t stop there. The police department has a total of 13 reports on file, and some of those converters have been taken police units and other city cars.

The department later learned that several cars locked behind a fence at the Parks and Recreation Department had been stripped of their converters too.

“There are some metals. Precious metals inside of the converters that they are taking them for. they are selling them and we are still working on finding out where the ones we had stolen here are being sold.” Major Guidry said.

After the Parks and Rec theft, the Opelousas Police Department discovered old police units that were slated for auction, had also been hit.

“It’s not a big expense or a big reward for the people who are taking them, but for the person, they’re taking it from its going to be pretty expensive to get it repaired on their car,” Major Guidry said.