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St. Landry Parish election results

Posted at 10:58 PM, Nov 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-06 23:57:34-05

The Mayor and Chief of Police in Opelousas were both voted out of office tonight.

In the mayor’s race, Reggie Tatum pulled in only 10 percent of the vote.

Two aldermen, Julius Alsandor and Tyrone Glover, will face each other in a run off. Alsandor got 22.6 of the vote and Glover got 23.5 percent of the vote.

Other challengers were:

James W. “Cobb” Bellard (IND) 2.72%
Charlee Renaud Lear (DEM) 21.09%
“Mitch” Richard (DEM) 3.52%
Elsie M. Semien (DEM) 16.72%

In the Chief of Police race, Chief DT Thompson got only 21 percent of the vote. Two challengers, Martin McLendon and Graig “Twin” LeBlanc, will be in a runoff. McLendon got 42 percent and LeBlanc got 26 percent.

The other challengers was Paul N. Gennuso (DEM) 10.37%

Tatum, a Democrat, is serving his first term as mayor. Tatum was indicted a year ago on multiple felony charges in connection with his payment to himself of nearly $13,000 in overtime for work during and after the August 2016 floods. There is currently no trial date set for the case.

He faces:

  • One count malfeasance in office
  • Four counts injury of public records. In these counts, he’s accused of creating false time sheets for city council members Marvin Richard, Tyrone Glover, Sherryl Roberts and Julius Alsandor.
  • Four counts filing false public records. In these counts, he’s accused of filing the false time sheets into the city’s records.
  • Theft of more than $10,000 but less than $25,000
  • Five counts of forgery. These charges are related to the alleged false time sheets.

Marvin Tyrone Richard wins the alderman at large seat in Opelousas.  Other aldermen elected are Milton Batiste, Sherell Roberts and Chasity Davis.  There will be a run-off for alderman for District B between Floyd Ford and Nathanial “Dum D” Sonnier.  There will also be a run-off for alderman for District C between Charles Cummings and Theresa Thibodeaux.

In Grand Coteau, the mayoral race will have a run-off between Patrick Richard and Shaterral “Terra” Johnson. The chief of police will be Wilton Guidry.   The five aldermen elected in Grand Coteau are: Annette Charles, Devin Thomas, James Wayne Richard, Eli Wheeler, and Brad Randell.

In Eunice, Randy Fontenot will stay police chief after getting 78% of the vote.  The mayor of Eunice will be Scott Fontenot after getting 89% of the vote.

In Leonville, Nicholas Degueyter has won the mayoral race after getting 63% of the vote.  Council members elected include Kerry Willingham, Brandon Herpin, Kirk Stelly, Benita Kennerson, and Billy Lanclos.

In Melville, Velma Hendrix won the mayoral race after getting 70% of the vote. The chief of police race will be a run-off between Cleven Clark and Anthony Moreau.   Council members elected are Natasha Faye Thomas Oliney, Linda Haynes, April Butler Goudeau, Theardis Tieuel and Jayme Polotzola Johnson.

In Arnaudville, Todd Meche will be the mayor after getting 51% of the vote.  Chief of Police in Arnaudville will be Eddy LeCompte after getting 58% of the vote.  The five aldermen in Arnaudville will be Jamie Huval, Suzanne, Stelly, Debbie Kidder, Kevin Robin, and Cynthia Stelly.

In Port Barre, there will be a run-off for mayor between Gil Savoy, Jr. and Johnny Ardoin.  The five aldermen in Port Barre are: Nelson Barron, Polly Pickney, Donald Robin, Sammy Wayne Hardy II, and Todd Abshire.

In Sunset, there will be a run-off for the district 1 alderman seat between Craig Belson and Rashida Charlot.  Other aldermen elected include: Robert Carmouche and Jarrod Shaw.

In Cankton, the three aldermen are: Malcolm Scott Bussey, Matthew Smith, and Danny Uriegas.

In Washington, James Olivier has defeated Joe Pitre as mayor in Washington, after getting 53% of the vote.  The chief of police in Washington will be Latoya Trent, after she received 78% of the vote.  Council member at large for the town of Washington will be Mona Wilson, after she received 51% of the vote.  Council members elected include Rogers Rock Malveaux and Tanya Doucet.

School Board winners:

District 1:  Anthony Standberry

District 3: Run-off between Milton Ambres and John Miller

District 5: Denise Oliney Rose

District 7: Josh Boudreaux

District 8: Kyle Boss

District 10: Hazel McCrea-Sias

District 11: Runoff between Jacqueline Gennuso and Myron Guillory

Fantasy Sports item:   This item passed in St. Landry after getting 52% of the vote. This item was on every voter’s ballot state-wide, but each parish is deciding the issue individually.  A vote for it would permit online fantasy sports betting contests in the voter’s parish; a vote against it would not allow online fantasy sports betting contests in the voter’s parish.