UPDATE: No human remains found in Opelousas house after search

Posted at 4:24 PM, Sep 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-13 00:07:16-04

UPATE: Opelousas Police say they have found no human remains in the home on Hirsch Alley.

Opelousas Police were investigating possible human remains in Opelousas Wednesday afternoon. There were numerous dead animals found on the property.

Police say the tip led them to believe they were looking for the possible remains of Erica Hunt, who disappeared on July 4th in 2016 and was last seen at the home.

“I still to this day don’t know exactly what happened or what brought this on,” Hunt’s mother, Shannon Isaac who also takes care of Hunt’s now 4-year-old daughter.

Today, acting on a tip, police searched that home.

“It stemmed from an investigation yesterday. One of the supervisors on the patrol division received some information. They later made contact with cadaver dogs who did come out and alerted in some areas and that stemmed into today when we contacted LSU FACES to give us some assistance in regards to locating some remains,” said spokeswoman for OPD, Crystal Leblanc.

The area worked was an undisturbed location. Cadaver dogs on the scene alerted to the smell of decomposition which prompted the search at the location. LSU Forensic Anthropology and Computer Enhancement Services was also called out to assist with the investigation.

Family of Erica Nicole Hunt, who has been missing since July 4, 2016, tell KATC they were called to come to the area. When she was told that no remains were found, Hunt’s mother walked away in tears.

“I would like the closure but then I don’t want the closure because then I can have hope that she’s still alive,” said Hunt’s mother.

The house was searched when Erica Hunt first was reported missing, but today was the first in-depth search of the property.

Investigators hope that this will generate more interest in Hunt’s missing case.

Police told the family that there was a reason to believe it might be Erica, according to Hunt’s mother.

Erica’s sister used to live in the home, stated her mother.

There are no other leads in Erica’s missing person case.

“It definitely takes our investigation in another direction but I’m hoping this generates more leads and we can continue follow up… I hope that it sparks the community to want to talk more. Erica is definitely not forgotten. We are going to continue to search until we find her, we want to bring closure to her family. It’s time to bring Erica home,” said Leblanc.

After today, Opelousas Police say they are going to continue treating this as a missing persons case and do not have any suspects.

“The grace of God he is holding me, giving me the strength, two years to go on with just every day life, not forgetting about my child, not one minute, not one second,” said Isaac.

If you have any information, call st. (337) 948-2500.

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Opelousas police Chief giving interview on investigation where they got a tip earlier about possible human remains.

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