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BOUDIN sign currently residing at the Begnaud House

Posted at 12:11 PM, Jun 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-16 13:14:27-04

For years, you’ve been able to be the Y in Lafayette. Now you can be the I in Boudin.

At this year’s Scott Boudin Festival, a big “boudin” sign – minus the “I” – was unveiled. It was recently moved to the front yard of la Maison de Begnaud, near the roundabout in the city.

Mayor Jan-Scott Richard, who was president of the Boudin Festival, said the sign was made to promote the festival.

“I felt like it was something we could use as a capture moment for the festival itself, and a way for people to really promote the festival on social media,” Richard said. “We implemented it the weekend of the festival. That’s when we unveiled it. Then we moved it here, and we’re looking at moving it around to other venues.”

For now, it is hoped that the sign will draw visitors to the House, where there is tourist information, a room devoted to Scott’s history and a jam every Friday night. On Wednesdays, there’s a French roundtable for people to practice their Français.

“Its a great promotional tool for our community, getting people involved so they can see what we have to offer,” Richard said. “People have really embraced the idea of the boudin, and the fact that we are the boudin capitol of the world. It’s been a pleasant surprise.”