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Motorcyclist lives off bike, raises money for veterans and first responders

Posted at 10:15 PM, May 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-18 23:38:02-04

Motorcyclists in Scott are riding to raise awareness and money for veterans with PTSD at Cajun Harley Davidson. World-record-setting motorcyclist Adam Sandoval was also there. He has been traveling across the nation since 2014, making stops at all 700 Harley Davidson dealerships to educate people about mental illness.

Sandoval packed his bags and sold all of his belongings. “[I] loaded up my bike and decided to start riding for charity and see if I could make a difference in the world.” Sandoval says he has raised at least a million dollars for several charities, including Motorcycle Missions, an organization that helps veterans with PTSD by training them to build motorcycles.

Sandoval says in his thirties, he started to regret not serving in the military. “I coined a little saying: ‘If you did not serve in your military, find time to serve those who have.'”

The motorcyclist doesn’t travel alone. Everywhere he goes, his chihuahua Scooter comes with. The duo has ridden over 80,000 miles.

His 11-year-old chihuahua is with him every mile of the way!

“I love him. I’ll always bring him with me everywhere, man. That’s my boy. He loves the open road. I always tell people he’s the show, and I’m the chauffeur,” said Sandoval. “We try to make as many charity events as we can anywhere across the country and just try to bring light and awareness to our veterans.”

Sandoval says it’s his way of combining his two loves.

“I’m just a guy who enjoys the open road, loves his country, and tries to make traveling and sharing the country with other people an inspiration and a way to raise money to help veterans and first responders.”

You can follow Sandoval on his continuous journey through social media.