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Easter egg hunt held in Lafayette for those with special needs

Posted at 4:55 PM, Apr 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-21 00:10:32-04

Lafayette’s citywide Easter egg hunt took place today at Heymann Park. A tennis court decorated with eggs was roped off while children of all ages scattered throughout the park to collect eggs.

Easter Eggs nestled in a tennis net

The tennis court was a section made for adults and children with disabilities, allowing them to participate in the beloved tradition.

Event coordinator Abraham Rubin said it started about six years ago when he realized there was a need. “They came here one year, somebody in a wheelchair, and they said, ‘Do you have anything for these people?’ I said, ‘Wow. We need to do something for them. So, the next year, we added a special needs section,” said Rubin.

Jeanne Comeaux has been bringing her son, Johnathan, for several years. The 12-year-old has cerebral palsy. “The first year they announced it, I said, ‘Woah, we’re going to that,” explained Comeaux. “It’s hard for him to be able to get eggs, but here, it’s easy.”

Rubin said the participation is still slim, but it gets bigger every year. He also is planning on adding an elderly Easter egg hunt next year.