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Man traveling across US cuts grass for elderly, disabled

Posted at 5:16 PM, Feb 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-28 18:41:37-05

Chores can be a hassle but eventually, we all get them done that is unless you physically can’t but then what do you do?

It’s time-consuming and laborious and for some it’s impossible. Mowing the lawn is required in most neighborhoods and if you can’t do it yourself, you have to pay someone.

Except for when someone like Rodney Smith comes to town.

Rodney Smith Jr. is from Alabama and he’s on a mission to mow as many lawns as he can across the united states for the elderly, the disabled, single moms and veterans.

Rodney Smith Jr. / KATC

“I reached out. I told him that I’m a disabled veteran, that my wife also is a cancer survivor who is also retired, and that we could use the service,” said Harvey Bernard.

Bernard’s home is one of three households Smith serviced today but he has dreams of reaching every American household in need.

“It’s just myself and a small push mower so I can only do so many lawns. So the goal is to get kids involved in the whole us, to get adults involved and start chapters in their cities,” Smith said.

Although there is no monetary compensation, knowing he’s helped is Smith’s greatest pleasure. It is one that he hopes to share.

“Seeing what it means so much for the people I help, it really makes their day. A lot of people take very good pride in their lawn, so when I can come to mow for free, they take pride.”

Now he’s already cut a handful of lawns in Acadiana and he’s already in Lake Charles cutting more.