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Puppies in need of foster care

Posted at 5:29 PM, Dec 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-28 19:51:22-05

Acadiana Animal Aid needs your help fostering more than 20 Great Pyrenees mix puppies.

The shelter took them in after a good Samaritan called, saying the puppies were wandering onto a highway.

“In order to keep them safe and get them socialized and adopted, we decided to take them in here at Acadiana Animal Aid,” said Jeanine Foucher, Acadiana Animal Aid Executive Director.

On any given day, the shelter has more than 200 animals in its facility. Last year, Acadiana Animal Aid saved over 2,700 animals’ lives. Foucher acknowledges Louisiana has an overpopulation problem.

“In order to prevent them from being euthanized, we pull from shelters from across the region,” said Foucher. “We provide them with veterinary care, socialization, veterinary care and get them adopted or transport them out of state.”

When animals are taken in at the shelter, they receive a full checkup, vaccines and any other care needed.

“The truth is, when an animal comes in, they need a bunch of vaccines, they get dewormed, they get micro-chipped, spayed, neutered, and depending on if we adopt them out locally or go on transport determines how long they’re at our shelter,” Foucher said. “The longer they stay here determines how much it really cost to care for them.”

Right now, the shelter’s goal is to get the puppies used to people and other animals.

“With this group, they’re already starting out not having much exposure to people or things. It’s really important we get them into a home environment, so they can blossom into the dogs that they are truly meant to be,” Foucher said.

The shelter is hopeful to find experienced foster parents until the dogs are ready for adoption.

“I just think they need loving and homes,” said Meaghan Scully. “If you have time and energy to put towards them, it’s such a great thing to do,”

Scully is fostering two of the puppies Acadiana Animal Aid took in.

If you’re interesting in fostering, click here. The shelter is also looking for donations to continue helping the animals they take in. If you’d like to donate, click here.