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LCA student group spreading Christmas joy at local nursing home

Posted at 6:17 PM, Dec 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-24 19:19:59-05

A group of students from Lafayette Christian Academy is spreading Christmas joy at Courtyard Manor Nursing Facility.

THE LCA Volleyball team adopted the facility and spent the day singing Christmas carols with the residents.

“We just love seeing their faces. They get so happy about it and we just like it,” said 11th grader Grace Blair.

Each resident was given a board where they can place photos of loved ones and themselves. It’s a gift they say they’ll cherish.

“It means a lot,” said Verla Tarver. “Unless you’re living here, you don’t realize how you’re not able to get out and meet people. When people come in, it’s such a joy and I’m so happy to see so many come.”

Residents will work with their family and nurses to add photos to their memory boards. The project is called This is Me. Therapists say it will have lasting impacts.

“They can come in and see the pictures on the board and strike up a conversation,” said Bethel Guilmore. “They can say what this picture is. They can sit there and understand where they came from. It’s not just who they are now, they all have a past.”

Samantha Guilmore says it’s important to remember each resident has a story, career and a life worth reflecting on.

“Just because every patient you see them in the bed, you don’t see them when they’re younger. Now, we can and have a more personal connection with them,” said Guilmore.

“They had a life and walked in our shoes. They’ve done all the things that they’ve wanted to do. It’s nice for them to have this so they can have some memory skills and they can remember what they did in the past,” said Bethel.