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Last minute Thanksgiving grocery shopping

Posted at 6:48 PM, Nov 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-21 19:51:03-05

Some are making a last minute trip to the grocery store tonight.

At Adrien’s Supermarket in Lafayette, the crowds come in waves, but employees say they were slammed all day.

“It’s been pretty much non-stop since we opened and I imagine it will be like that until we close,” said Danny Louviere, Adrien’s Assistant Manager.

The store is stocked and ready for last minute holiday shoppers. Every register is open and employees are constantly re-stocking shelves.

“We always bring in extra staff and we try to stock up on all of the necessities people need for their holiday meal,” said Louviere.

Jacob Chu had his list and was filling up his basket. He said he does not consider himself a last minute shopper.

“I see a lot of people rushing into the parking lot. So, I think they’re doing last minute shopping. I think they have bigger plans than I do,” Chu said.

Other shoppers spent the day grabbing the usual last minute items.

“Some canned goods and some cheese,” said Kerry Foreman. “I’m going to start prepping tonight.”

Despite the short turnaround, shoppers were still buying turkeys, canned goods and bread.

“Be patient and hopefully we have what you need,” Louviere said.

Many stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. It’s best to double check your list or start shopping tonight before your grocery store closes.