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Youngsville Council to discuss widening Bonin Rd

Posted at 6:06 PM, Sep 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-13 19:06:48-04

The Youngsville City Council will discuss the potential widening of Bonin Road at a Thursday night meeting. They’ll look at costs of construction for an overlay and widening project, but one neighbor says she’s not sure this is the solution she is hoping for.

Kathleen Howard says she travels Bonin Road daily, but she knows there are only certain times each day that it’s bearable.

“In the mornings, and in the middle of the day… Well before lunchtime. Lafayette’s a lunch town. Lunchtime its hectic, and especially right when people are trying to get home from work or get their kids from school, it’s an additional 15 minutes,” says Howard. “We plan our trips to the grocery or wherever we’re going avoiding that time of day.”

But for drivers who have less flexible schedules or just get stuck at an unlucky time what should be quick trips become long and messy.


“The traffic at the four-way stop just lines up forever and ever and ever and then people don’t know how to use a four-way stop and they’re waiting for people to go so its quite an inconvenience at that time,” says Howard.

This is why the council is talking about widening the road. Though the end result is desirable, Howard has questions about what traffic will look like in the meantime.

“I’m concerned about the inconvenience of the widening of the road because it’s a road that’s necessary for us to get around, but something needs to be done,” says Howard.