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Young students learning to be Saints fans in the classroom

Posted at 6:11 PM, Aug 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-25 19:11:36-04

It’s game day, which means it’s the one day of the week for many of us to sport jerseys and cheer on our favorite teams.

In one Lafayette classroom, they celebrate the Saints five days a week.

KATC’s Abby Breidenbach spoke to one teacher who is teaching her students what it means to be a true fanatic.

When the two-year-olds at Woodlands Learning Barn complete their first year of preschool, they’ll be familiar with all the basics.

“We go through our colors, we do our numbers, alphabets, shapes, we do sign language,” says teacher Leah Narcisse.

Though they aren’t quite using full sentences yet, these little ones are learning some of the phrases their teacher believes are most important to the English language, especially when living in Louisiana.

“Say Who Dat”

In a classroom decked in black and gold, Ms. Leah Narcisse is making sure they know what it means to be true Louisianians.

“The Saints have always been my team and this year I was like ‘I’m doing the Saints, even if I have to make everything, I’m going to do it.’ So if they’re not saints fans, by the time they leave my classroom, they will be,” Leah explained.

From Drew Brees to the Fleur De Lis, every activity has a hint of team spirit.

“I just, I love the Saints. That’s my team!” Narcisse said.

Just in case one of her students ends up donning a Saints jersey one day, Narcisse knows he or she will be prepared.

“She’s definitely my cheerleader and that’s definitely my football player,” Narcisse says about her students.

They’ll just have to nail down some team traditions first.