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Meet the candidates: Mayor of Ville Platte

Posted at 7:37 PM, Oct 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-19 12:35:00-04

With election say just a few weeks away, residents of Ville Platte have two options when it comes to voting for mayor. Mayor Jennifer Vidrine, who has served two consecutive terms, now has opposition. Vidrine’s opponent, Kevin Lafleur, believes he just may be more qualified.

“I been watching the way things been going and I can do a lot better. Because this morning I seen the city truck pass with one light off, all the inspection stickers are dead on them and no air. And the kids … They have nothing to do around here at all,” Lafleur said.

Lafleur said he moved away from Ville Platte and returned only to find the city in what they call shambles.

“I am running to be the mayor of Ville Platte because it’s home. I love the people of Ville Platte and I have a to-do list that’s this long that we have to complete. We started a lot of things and we have a lot of things going on and we are bursting at the seams,” Vidrine expressed.

Vidrine has served as mayor for eight years. She says there is a lot of work being done, and with grant money coming in the work will continue.

“We are building 14 picnic pavilions along with playground equipment as well as splash pads. That’s all going to be at all of our parks that we are revamping. as well as grants coming in to repair and revamp our roads,” Vidrine said.

Lafluer sais he is out in the community and he thinks there is work to be done. He says people have started asking him for help and sharing their ideas.

“I’m out there in the community every day with the people in the community and they telling me what they need. So I’m going to try and get in there to do exactly what they have been asking for and that’s it. I’m just trying to help the community,” Lafleur said.

Voters will make the final decision at the polls on November 6th.