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Acadiana restaurants prepared for Lent

Posted at 7:38 PM, Feb 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-27 19:09:40-05

Lent is officially here and if you went to a restaurant this week you probably paid more.

Restaurants too are battling the realities of inflation.

For those of you who love catfish the chef here at Johnson's Boucaniere, says it's costing them 40 to 50 percent more due to inflation.

"Inflation has affected us in a sense across the board, we had to go up about 13% on our menu prices in the summer we're trying to keep that as level as possible trying not to increase any further but it is kind of hard with you know certain aspects of like, dairy or eggs stuff like that things we cant really source." said, Chris Pothier, Chef at Johnson's Boucaniere.

Johnson's has been in business for 15 years.

Pothier says they shop locally for seafood because it seems to be cheaper and, because of inflation they have had to raise prices but don't plan on another increase anytime soon.

A lot of Acadiana restaurants are preparing for Lent as well.

"Really excited about Lent it's a great time for our local restaurants to shine a lot of them will run you know their Lent specials on Friday and a couple of them just released their menus throughout the year obviously with Mardi Gras you're living it up and then Lent your giving it up so every Friday people are looking for those specials." said, Jesse Guidry, Vice President of Lafayette Travel.

Many restaurants across Acadiana, are updating their menus with more seafood choices.

Eat Lafayette has over 150 restaurants that they work with locally and, they are encouraging everyone during Lent to try new restaurants and explore their menu options.