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Acadiana residents getting ready for the storms

Posted at 6:11 PM, Aug 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-23 19:11:03-04

In Acadiana Sunday afternoon, people were stocking up on sand bags ahead of Marco's landfall tomorrow.

At the Lafayette location, there was a steady flow of traffic on N Dugas Road. Residents backed their vehicles up to the sand pile to fill sand bags with sand. A total of 20 bags are allowed per address.

Some people there say they were on the verge of flooding in 2016 and so they're not taking any chances with what they're calling an unpredictable weather event.

"We were inches away from having water come in our home. We were actually stranded in the house for the entire duration, until the floodwaters went down, so knowing that we're going to have the same amount of rain days as we did in 2016 is kind of a little scary, so we want to make sure the house is prepared for that kind of flooding. Just in case," said Shanna Nutt, who lives in Lafayette Parish.

The people at the sandbag lot told KATC they want to be prepared for any situation - and officials are asking everyone to do the same as two storms head toward the coast.

If you need sand bags, here's our list of those available in Acadiana.