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Children carry on traditions with Tee Mamou Mardi Gras run

Posted at 7:31 AM, Feb 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-19 11:26:53-05

It usually ends with fun and games, but the boys and girls who “run” Mardi Gras have a lot to live up to as they carry on the traditions of those who came before them.

while much of what these boys and girls do is rich in tradition, the allure of running mardi gras centers around one thing for these kids. The chickens.

Of course, chickens aside, these little ones really are learning about their heritage. Participating in the run helps to carry on a tradition that their mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, and generations before them have done.

“It’s exciting to see the tradition being carried on. it’s exciting to see the little ones, ever since I’ve taken on, to see how they’ve grown,” says Kendall Lacombe. “we actually have some that are now running with the bigger mardi gras’ so the tradition just keeps going on.”

Lacombe has been the captain of the Little Mardi Gras for a few years now.  And she’s no stranger to the way Tee Mamou Mardi Gras is run. Her family is at the forefront of keeping this tradition alive.

“it’s something my family has done since I can remember,” says Kendall.

And with her help, that tradition will keep on going. Making sure the runs are organized, gumbos are cooked, and that all familiar song is learned are all part of the process. The goal, and the reason the “run” goes on, is to pay homage to those who ran before and what their legacy has left behind.

Anyone interested in being a spectator at this year’s Tee Mamou Mardi Gras can do so on Sunday, March 3rd in Iota. The children’s run begins at the main platform at 11:30 am.