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Vowing to expose “corruption,” group sets deadline for Bishop.

Posted at 6:21 PM, Sep 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-28 19:33:29-04

A group of devout Catholics, vowing to expose “corruption” in the Diocese of Lafayette, says if they don’t hear from Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel by October 2, they will begin to publish evidence of “institutionalized corruption” in the diocese.

The Society of St. Peter Damian sent a letter to the bishop last week, requesting an independent investigation with full cooperation from the diocese. On their website, the society writes: “As far as we can see, the only way forward for him is to invite and work with a completely independent, non-diocesan, and permanent board with full access to diocesan files to investigate and root out the corruption and perversion that is rampant in our diocese.”

KATC has spoken with members of the “Society of St. Peter Damian,” who have chosen to remain anonymous at this time. Among them are parishioners of the Diocese of Lafayette, who tell us they formed the group because of what they felt was a weak response to the latest church scandals locally and worldwide.

The Diocese of Lafayette has not responded to a request for comment about the society.