Making Ends Meet


Food distributed in Acadia Parish

Second Harvest holds food distribution in Rayne.jpg
Posted at 12:42 PM, Feb 22, 2021

RAYNE, La. — Faith Missionary Baptist Church and Second Harvest distributed food to Acadia Parish residents Monday.

Under the direction of Pastor John E. Jordan Jr., the church teamed up with the food bank to provide food to Acadia Parish neighbors who need it. He told us the line was about two miles long; they had enough supplies to help 1700 households. The boxes contained meat, vegetables, fruit, milk, dairy and other food items, Jordan tells us.

The distribution started this morning at the Pavillion of the Frog Festival Grounds in Rayne.

"The pandemic has caused a lot of issues, job layoffs, that have negatively impacted families, so we've partnered with Second Harvest to try to replenish and help as many families as we can," Jordan said. "But on top of that, besides the pandemic we now had the ice storm last week with power outages, and that has compounded those problems. So what we're doing today is trying to really help this community and this parish."

Jordan said his congregation hopes that families are helped physically by the food, but receive some spiritual assistance as well.

"What I want them to take away is, number one, people care. And number two, I want their needs to be met, but also that they know they are not in this struggle by themselves," he said. "As a community, as a parish, we can all come together and help one another. If they take that way with them, maybe if someone else needs help in the future, they will want to be on the other end and want to help somebody else."

To keep everyone safe from COVID, residents drove their cars up to the pavilion and boxes were placed in their trunks.