South Carolina man buys $540 in cookies so Girl Scouts can escape cold

Posted at 8:29 AM, Feb 26, 2019

A man in Greenville, South Carolina bought $540 worth of Girl Scout cookies to help the young entrepreneurs get out of the cold.

According to CNN, Girl Scouts Emerson and Maya were on duty selling cookies outside a store, when a man approached them to buy seven boxes of cookies.

Cookie manager Kayla Dillard, who was with the girls at the time, tells CNN that the man returned to the table telling the girls to pack up all of their cookies and that he was buying them all.

Dillard says the man told her that “he wanted to get them out of the cold.” The temperature that night was about 34 degrees and the girls had already spent two hours selling.

Dillard shared a photo of the man and the girls to her Facebook on Friday.

Dillard says she does not know the good Samaritan, but his act of kindness has earned him a place in the girls’ hearts.