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LEF Teacher Spotlight: Amy Hodgins

Posted at 6:50 AM, Jan 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-29 07:50:57-05

There is no better time than high school to start thinking about the future. And in Amy Hodgin’s class at Comeaux High, students are pushed to look ahead.

“I hope that they have gained work skills especially so they can find employment in the community,”

This is a special education group, and Amy has high hopes for her kids beyond their small special-ed community. She works daily to encourage her students to branch out in school so they’ll be better prepared when they move on.

“I try so hard to get them into regular ed electives and classes where they can perform and be with their peers,” says Hodgin.  “To gain experiences, make friends and enjoy the whole high school experience and not just our little self contained world right here.”

Students practice counting change, reading the calendar, and interpersonal skills under Hodgin’s watchful eye.
And though these things may be more of a challenge for her students, Amy works with her students and their parents to makes sure these kids grow confident in their abilities.

“Parents love to see their students come home and talk about having lunch with regular ed peers vs just with their little group,” says Hodgin.  “They like them to branch out. I love helping them get the skills they need to be integrated with regular ed students and in the community in general.”