Sen. Kennedy: Partial government shutdown likely

Posted at 2:08 PM, Dec 21, 2018

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy says a partial shutdown is looming for the U.S. Government.

Friday in a phone interview, Kennedy stated that the partial shutdown is not something that he, along with President Trump, want to see. He reiterated that the reason for the shutdown is due to the impasse on border security, more directly the funding of the border wall between the US and Mexico.

The partial shutdown, which will take affect if a vote to pass the budget is not pushed through the Senate, will affect nine departments in the government including The Transportation Department, HUD, The Justice Department, and The Department of the Interior, among others.

Kennedy says that he does not want Louisiana residents to worry about the partial shutdown as any benefits for Louisiana will not be affected.

Kennedy says that the illegal immigration needs to be dealt with and that he doesn’t believe that all those entering or trying to enter the country via the southern border are bad people. But that efforts to lessen illegal immigration, like building the wall, should be taken.

Kennedy adds that congress should at least provide the the president with the $5 billion in funding to complete the wall.

Senator Kennedy says that the solution on the government “Will get worked out if people take their meds and work in good faith.” He was not clear on who should take the blame for the shutdown saying that the blame come from both sides.

Kennedy, when asked about President Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria said that he doesn’t have a clear opinion and is still listening to the conversation.

“If we do withdraw and Turkish President Erdogan touches a hair on the heads of the Syrian Kurds, who have fought alongside us to push out ISIS, the United States will respond with appropriate actions.” he stated. “We will not leave our friends behind.”