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Port of Iberia begins year-long project

Posted at 5:42 PM, Dec 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-07 19:39:25-05

The framework for a chemical plant in Pennsylvania is on its way north from Acadiana.

The massive iron pieces will be shipped up the Mississippi River to the Ohio River where they’ll then make their way to a location in Pennsylvania.

KATC was there for the loading of the first 92 pieces.

The project will utilize multiple Acadiana companies, including Dynamics Industries Inc., Omega Natchiq Inc. and Berard Transportation Inc.

“We have multiple companies here at the port that are doing different parts and pieces if you will. So, it’s good! It will probably be 350 to 450 people for the Port of Iberia and all of south Louisiana,” explained Port of Iberia Executive Director Craig Romero.

Romero says the national oil and gas corporation commissioning the project chose the Port of Iberia because of its high regard within the industry.

“The interesting part is that they’re fabricating it in south Louisiana, going to the northern part of the United States with these parts that have been fabricated. Why here? There’s a lot of fabrication plants between here and there,” said Romero.

The Port of Iberia was used to fabricate and ship parts for two similar plants even further in Alaska roughly fifteen and twenty years ago.

“We can produce and deliver on time. Our weather conditions are such that we can work year round. We aren’t put out by the snow. The rain slows us down, but we have buildings, such as what you see beside us, that allow us to get projects out of the ground, if you will, and started, and we complete on time,” said Romero.

Romero told KATC that the plant will produce about 1.6 million tons of polyethylene per year from natural gas that will be extracted from the Marcellus and Utica Shale formations.