Crowley man arrested for hate crimes and terrorizing

Posted at 1:55 PM, Oct 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-16 15:32:55-04

Crowley Police have arrested a local man and accused him of threatening the police department.

Jeremy Boddye Sr., 41, was booked with hate crimes and terrorizing on Monday.

Boddye is accused of threatening Crowley Police on social media over the weekend.

The incident began with an encounter Boddye had with Crowley Police on Saturday, when he was arrested and booked with driving with a suspended license and no registration.

“After his release, Boddye was displeased with the turn out and he posted numerous things on Social Media threatening officers security, jobs, and even lives,” a release from Chief Jimmy Broussard states. “One of which was a photograph of an AR-15 with the caption “Bullet with your name on it” and said he was at the “Crowley Police Department.”

Boddye changed the post, the release states, to say he was at the “City of Crowley.” Concerned citizens who saw the post called authorities because they were worried Boddye was threatening the Rice Festival, which starts tomorrow.

Video from the body cams and dash cameras of the officers involved in the first incident was reviewed by Crowley Police and district judges, the release states. The officers’ actions were found to be justified, the release states.

“I will not stand by and let a person threaten the safety of our citizens, and officers. This was brought to my attention and something was done about it immediately,” Broussard said. “In this day and time, you do not know if someone is serious when they post things of this nature but I was not going to sit by, and watch it happen, knowing he has made these threats.”

Boddye’s Facebook page still contains numerous posts about the incident, including an 18-minute video of him speaking to the officer he says abused him during an arrest for a burnt headlight, resisting arrest and no driver’s license. In it, he says that the officer will be working for him after he sues the officer.  He says the officer can keep his Cadillac in impound, because he will buy more when he wins the lawsuit, adding that “I will buy one just to set it on fire and barbecue off it in front of your house.”

“You can use all this film as evidence or whatever you want to do…” Boddye says. “Freedom of speech baby, I can say whatever I want out of my mouth. But you can’t put your (expletive) hands on me. And if you try to retaliate, it just makes the case even more sweet. Please please send your goons to retaliate. I got something for them, too. I got goons, too, and they don’t mind suing.”

Here is one of Boddye’s posts about the first incident; be aware there is profanity in the post: