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Indian Bayou Elementary raising money for music dept by selling toilet paper

Posted at 5:54 PM, Oct 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-11 19:15:49-04

In Vermilion Parish, Indian Bayou Elementary School is on a roll with its latest fundraiser.

They’re selling something we all use to raise money for the music department.

“He said toilet paper, and I was like what? Toilet paper? What? Yeah man, it sells! And, I said ok we’ll give it a shot,” Indian Bayou Elementary Band Director Jalin Gray.

So far the music department sold more than 170 orders on the first day.

An order consists of 24 big rolls for the price of $20.00 dollars.

All the proceeds of the fundraiser are going to the music department.

“We can give the kids more opportunities to play, so if they can’t necessarily afford one we can help supply for them. And, then for maintenance stuff, so if we need to fix instruments as well. Or that we need to bring something else in that we might need for the ensemble we can get that as well so the kids have the full oportunity to experience music,” said Gray.

“Since we started band, we had to pick our instrument, and then we had to play on a mouth piece, and then we had to learn how to put it together, and then we started playing,” explained 5th grader trombone player Kollin Ardoin.

The proceeds will also go toward sending the Indian Bayou Beginner Band to Vermillion Parish Band Day where they can show off what they’ve learned.

“To see the joy in their face when they actually get a sound out of the instrument is great because you know they’re going to struggle at first and it helps them build character. And, that’s what we’re trying to go for, it’s all about developing the kids into the adults that they’re going to be,” said Gray.

Prepaid orders for toilet paper will be accepted by October 23rd.

To find out more information call Indian Bayou Elementary School at (337) 334-4070.