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Acadian Companies sends aid to Carolinas ahead of Florence

Posted at 3:25 PM, Sep 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-13 19:41:31-04

Acadian Companies is helping out with preparations for Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas

Acadian says that right now, they currently have 18 ambulances and 36 medics in South Carolina.

“It’s kinda like the power companies, we all try to come together. Because there are times when we need them, and when they need us we go,” explained Acadian Ambulance VP of Marketing & Public Relations Randall Mann.

Each of the eighteen ambulances has a paramedic and emergency responder on board.

The ambulances are fully stocked to handle anything from medical emergencies to patient transfers.

“A lot of times in these instances it’s helping evacuate hospitals and nursing homes. Not only evacuating them out but when the storm passes helping them to get back to where they need to be,” explained Mann

Acadiana Companies sends aid to the Carolinas ahead of Florence / Courtesy of Acadian Companies

The 36 crew members have undergone special training and have been vetted in order to be a part of large-scale responses to national emergencies.

“They do federal FEMA response training. Of course, their medical training is already there. But maybe on some of the certain protocols and paperwork that’s required on one of these deployments. They have to have certain shots and their shot records up to date. And, background checks and all those things,” said Mann.

Acadian Ambulance has more than 550 ambulances.

So, even with the crews that are responding in the mid-Atlantic, the ambulance service stands ready to handle any emergency in Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi.

On Wednesday, photos were shared of the procession of ambulance vehicles from Acadian as they made their way out of Louisiana.

In a post on Twitter, Acadian Companies said this about the response effort. “We are pleased to help our neighbors as part of the FEMA/AMR disaster response contract. Please keep our team, and everyone in Florence’s path, in your prayers.”