KFC offering $11,000 to first baby named Harland on Colonel’s birthday

Posted at 10:06 AM, Aug 30, 2018

KFC is offering up $11,000 to the first lucky infant born on September 9 with the name Harland.

The company’s “Harland Birthday Contest” is a promotional event honoring the birthday of the “finger-licking good” chicken restaurant founder Colonel Harland Sanders.

The contest is calling on parents who are expecting their bundles of joy on Sander’s birthday, September 9, to consider naming their child Harland after the chain’s iconic colonel. To be eligible a child must be born between 12:00 am and 11:59:59 pm on September 9.

KFC says that parents of a little Harland born on the colonel’s birthday will need to submit an official birth certificate to the company by October 9. The child with the earliest birth time according to their birth certificate will be will be declared the winner.

The grand prize for naming a child Harland on the colonel’s birthday? An $11,000 check to go towards the child’s future college tuition.

Parents of September 9 newborns can enter the contest at