Park Vista principal and granddaughter celebrate milestones with the start of school

Posted at 8:03 AM, Aug 09, 2018

St. Landry Parish students and teachers are heading back to school today and for some students, this will be their first time ever going to school.

KATC’s Abby Breidenbach met up with one of those pre-k students who is looking forward to an extra special first day in school.

Learning to count and spell are just a few of the very important things Emily plans to do in Pre-K.

Most important to Emily is the new opportunity to make lasting friends.

Luckily for this little one, in a sea of new experiences and fresh faces, she’ll have someone special by her side.

Emily calls him Pawpaw, but the rest of Park Vista Elementary knows him as Principal Joubert.  And as Emily celebrates a very special beginning of her education, her Pawpaw will be celebrating a milestone, too.

Joubert says that in December of this year, he will have completed fifty years as an educator.

The anniversary has been made all the better with his youngest grandchild just down the hall.

“It’s kind of like my first day, too,” says Joubert.  “I will be anxious to the excitement in her face as she learns things. You get emotionally fired up for your children, but that exponentially gets stronger when it’s your grandchildren.”

And if principal Joubert wasn’t fired up enough for the first day of his 50th year, well Emily has certainly got that covered.

Around 850 students will be attending Park Vista Elementary School this year, and Joubert says that he now has four grandchildren in attendance. Joubert hopes that this year the introduction of a new curriculum will provide more academic success for all the students who call Park Vista their home. Some of the new curricula will incorporate the use of computers during math instruction.

Joubert says that this morning he’s excited to start and hopes that the students at Park Vista are ready for another successful school year.