Residents say noise pollution is a problem along Verot School Road widening

Posted at 7:32 PM, Aug 06, 2018

LAFAYETTE — DOTD officials are now saying completion of the three and a half mile verot school road rebuild will completed by early 2019. The $32-million-dollar state-funded project to widen the once two lane road to four lanes has caused traffic headaches for commuters and those who live around the area for years.

But residents are now worried about an increase in noise pollution once the additional two lanes are added. Many want to know whether or not noise barriers will be added.

"It’s either that or I’m going to have to put up a big bamboo wall right there to cut the noise out," said Michael Kistner, who’s house now resides less than 50 feet from one of the newly constructed eastbound lanes.

"That’s just an issue you have to deal with when you go to a concrete roadway," said DOTD Administrator Bill Oliver. "Which is what the city requested we put there. Concrete for longevity."

It will be up to Lafayette city officials to decide whether or not to install sound barrier walls to reduce noise pollution once the project is complete.