Youngsville set to host Mustang World Series

Posted at 7:16 PM, Aug 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-01 20:16:49-04

Youngsville is in the international spotlight as the community is set to host the Mustang World Series baseball tournament. 

In all, eight teams are competing to be world champions. Five teams are from the United States and the other three are from Mexico, the Caribbean and the Philippines. 

"This is very exciting," said Eric Gesmundo, head coach of the Wildcats from the Philippines. "They’re excited to play in the World Series like this." 

This is the first time his team is competing in the United States. 

"It feels good because you’re representing the whole country and the Asia Pacific region," said baseball player Janko Sevilla.

The team is disciplined. Back home, they would dedicate five hours daily to practice for this moment. 

Tyler Tolentino said, "I just want to be on the field and play good." 

Unlike other teams, the Wildcats opted to stay with a Youngsville family instead of at a hotel. Andy Landry and his wife opened their home to the team.

"We’ve got 14 kids in the house," said Landry. "We have air mattresses everywhere." 

Landry’s wife is Filipino and he says having the team over is like family. The kids also enjoy staying together. 

"We get to know each other better when we stay together in the house," said Cruz Garcia.

The team has not had much time to explore Acadiana, but the did get to try an area restaurant.

"I figured I wanted something a little family oriented and the kids could make noise," said Landry. "So, we picked Pete’s!"

Right now, the team’s main focus is on the game, having fun and playing with heart.

"If one doesn’t have heart playing the game, all of the other teammates won’t have heart," said Garcia.

On Friday, the tournament kicks off with an opening ceremony at 4:30. The first game begins at 6:00.