Cassidy: Flood insurance is a good investment

Posted at 6:56 PM, Aug 01, 2018

The National Flood Insurance Program is renewed for another four months. 

This extension means current policies will continue to protect homeowners during the rest of the 2018 hurricane season.

According to the Advocate, about a half million residents in Louisiana depend on the program. 

U.S. Sen Bill Cassidy, one of the extension’s supporters, says this is a temporary fix while Congress works on creating permanent improvements to the system. 

During an interview with KATC today, he also emphasized the importance of homeowners having flood insurance. 
"Flood insurance is a good investment. Even if you’ve paid off your mortgage and you’re no longer required, it is still a good investment to have flood insurance. Get it just as you would homeowner’s or health insurance, it’s something that you positively need," he said.