Broussard man puts up sign alleging drug activity in neighborhood 

Posted at 5:48 PM, Jul 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-30 18:48:43-04

A Broussard man says he put up a sign to tip off police about what he thinks is drug activity in his neighborhood. 

Police are investigating. However, the sign has created controversy and confusion among neighbors. 

Gavin Okerson is letting his concerns be known loud and clear with a sign that reads "Dope house. Buyers beware," in his front yard. 

There is an arrow pointing to the homes across the street on the sign. 
"Seventeen vehicles in and out within 3 hours," Okerson said. "I’m not going to let my family tolerate this any longer." 

When asked which house across the street it was, Okerson couldn’t disclose an exact location.

"We’ve just seen it in this general area," Okerson said. 

The sign is located on South Jefferson street in Broussard. 

Neighbors who live across the street are confused. 

 "There’s no dope here," one neighbor said when confronting Okerson. "I think you got it pointing to the wrong house. I don’t have no dope here." 

However, during our interview one homeowner was very vocal. A man who lived across the street shouted at Okerson during the interview. 

"We expect that, you know," Okerson said. "You cast a stone into a lake you need to expect ripples." 

KATC went to that home to ask for comment on the situation 

The woman who answered the door, didn’t want to be shown on camera. 

"This is crazy," she said. "They need to get a life. I mean we are allowed to have barbecues and friends over. No matter if it’s 5 or 25 people." 

When referring to the man who shouted at Okerson during the interview she said, "He’s already upset and embarrassed with this s**t." 

Police say they are investigating and looking into the concerns.

"I knew that I had to do something immediately so that our children learn it’s not a our job to sit on the sideline. I am a lion hear me roar," Okerson said.