Lafayette mother arrested after child left in hot car

Posted at 5:06 PM, Jul 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-25 18:06:52-04

A Lafayette woman has been booked with cruelty after allegedly leaving her child in a hot car. Michel’La Nicholas, 28, was booked with cruelty to juveniles on July 14. Police records show she was arrested at the Wal-Mart on Evangeline Thruway at about 2:45 p.m. Police were called when people in the parking lot found the baby in a car with all the windows up. The car wasn’t running.The baby was "obviously" in distress, sweating heavily and crying, police records show. The witnesses smashed the car window to get the baby out, records show. Officers recorded the temperature as 94 degrees, with a heat index of 106 degrees. When the mother arrived, she told police she forgot her child was in the car. She allegedly said she thought she had dropped the baby off at a family member’s home. The car seat was in the back seat of the car, facing forward and on the passenger side of the car, records say. The report states that the baby "should have been easily seen in the rear view mirror while driving."The baby, who is 18 months old, received treatment on the scene from Acadian Ambulance personnel, the records state.