Creator explains LA Wallet app, uses for digital license

Posted at 5:28 PM, Jul 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 18:28:54-04

Taking photos, paying bills, ordering coffee, our smartphones come in handy for almost everything.

Two Louisiana app developers are working to make your phone even more convenient.

"People are always forgetting something, I’m forgetting keys or a wallet or something, but if you look around today, nobody is walking around without a cellphone," said LA Wallet creator Chad Lacour.

Lacour and his business partner have made it so even when you’re just carrying your cell phone, you’ll have all you need to leave the house. They created a digital driver’s license app called LA Wallet, and it made Louisiana the first state to approve and accept digital forms of identification.

"It feels great to be able to put Louisiana up front," said Lacour.

Right now, law enforcement accepts this as an ID at any traffic stop, and according to the app creators, restaurants and bars will accept it as proof of age in the coming months.

How It Works

Once you open the app and type your four-digit pin, your digital license will come up, looking identical to the physical copy you’d get from the DMV.

"There are three tamper-proof safeguards. There’s a press and hold that shows the Louisiana seal so you know this is an interactive valid version of your license. There’s a refresh button which phones home back to the DMV in real time to make sure your license is still valid, and there’s also an interactive flip over so you can see the back of the license, Lacour says.

As far as privacy, the app creators worked with lawmakers and other officials to ensure total security. law enforcement officers won’t even need to touch your phone to get the information they need in a traffic stop.

The app is available in the apple and Google app stores for free.  It costs $5.99 to obtain the digital license that lasts until the hard-copy license expires.

There are a few things you cannot do with the app. Users cannot renew their license or change their address, and for now, the app cannot be used outside of Louisiana.