Young boy from Abbeville beating odds one step at a time

Posted at 11:19 PM, Jul 06, 2018

An Abbeville boy is on the move despite being born with a disease that threatened to paralyze him. He is now taking everyday step by step. 

Kyrell Briggs was born with Arthrogryposis. A disease he says makes him no different than anyone else. Seven years ago the disease could have crippled his life, but he refuses to live what he calls a boring life. 

"He just overcomes everything, just him being here. Because right after he was born they said he wouldn’t make it a month and to prepare for a funeral, so him just beating the odds on everything is the easy part I guess," said his mother Victoria Briggs. 

Kyrell said he wants to be a soccer player, a pizza man, and a delivery man. He says he believes all of those goals are attainable. He scoots on his bottom around the house, uses a wheelchair in public and walking is slowly becoming his new normal.

"The fact that since he’s been born I have always wanted him to walk. I always told him you are going to stand beside me and coach. Like my wife said, for three other kids to be mobile, he has the passion and everything for the sports, and when I’m coaching he is my assistant and but its so hard to see everything I have in me, instilled in him… but he cant physically do it," said his dad Lawrence Briggs. 

Kyrell says he doesn’t always need help, but having patience is important. He says although everything in life is a process, he thinks that some things take a little longer than others, but they come out better. 

"Whenever I don’t know how to do something, I just try to figure out a way how I can do it," Kyrell said.