Four Corners redevelopment on the horizon

Posted at 6:21 PM, Jul 06, 2018
and last updated 2019-03-27 10:02:19-04

Major redevelopment is slated for the Four Corners area in Lafayette.

The project includes the Less Pay Motel on University Avenue and the old Coca-Cola Bottling building on Cameron Street.

Property real estate agent Dewitt David says the properties are under contract, but he’s staying tight lipped about details of the sale sighting a confidentiality agreement.

For decades, the Less Pay Motel and the surrounding property have been on the market despite several prior attempts at redevelopment.

Lafayette resident Breonna Breaux said, “I just want them to rebuild it to something nicer.”

Breaux’s wish could soon be a reality.

A public notice published by the Louisiana Press Association says 40 apartment units will be part of the rehabilitation project known as the Lafayette Bottle Art Lofts. Lafayette City-Parish Councilman Patrick Lewis is confident this deal will come to fruition.

“I’m just excited someone is taking a serious look at this to redevelop it,” Lewis says.

He says his constituents have waited long enough to see this neighborhood flourish.

“They voiced their opinions on what they wanted to see in their community and now, it’s happening,” said Lewis. “They’ve been after this for many years.”

The lofts will provide affordable housing with a lease priority for artists. In addition, the development will include a community facility and supportive services for single parent households, the disabled or other special needs households.

“They’re just going to uplift University corridor and the neighborhood adjacent to it,” said Lewis. “People will be so excited something is finally happening in their district and their neighborhood.”

The estimated cost for developing the lofts is more than $15 million.