State Police release details in Vernon Parish crash

Posted at 6:20 PM, Jul 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 19:20:07-04

State Police have released more details in a fatal pedestrian crash that happened in Vernon Parish in May. 

Sherell Lewis Jr. was killed in the accident. A post made by the driver about the crash prompted the sheriff to issue a statementabout them. 

State Police issued the following details on their investigation: 

  • The driver of the vehicle that struck Lewis was operating his vehicle at the posted speed limit of 55 mph, prior to the crash, and decreased his speed as he approached Lewis Jr.’s location in the roadway.
  • As the driver was nearing the scene, he switched his vehicle from the right lane to the left lane.  As Lewis entered the right lane, he altered his direction of travel and began walking back towards the grass median.  This action placed him in the direct path of the 2003 Chevrolet pickup.
  • Injuries Lewis sustained and the front bumper damage to the Chevrolet helped to confirm the direction Lewis Jr. was walking when the collision occurred.    
  • The driver’s cell phone was examined by Louisiana State Police Forensics Investigators.  It was concluded that he was not on his phone during the crash.  

Back in May, State Police said that Lewis had parked his vehicle on the shoulder in order to remove debris from the roadway. Lewis and another pedestrian were attempting to remove wood building material from the right lane of US Hwy 171 southbound.

Lewis. and the other pedestrian began relocating the wood to the grass median that separates the highway as the 2003 Chevrolet pickup approached.

Lewis and the additional pedestrian were in the roadway removing the debris when the crash occurred.  

Troopers have identified two independent witnesses, in addition to the pedestrian with Lewis, and obtained statements from all.