Delcambre community rallies to help local “staple” whose bike got stolen

Posted at 10:37 PM, Jun 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-26 23:37:33-04

The Delcambre Police Department is investigating a theft, affecting a familiar face around town.

Mike Boudreax, or just "Mike" to the locals, woke up Tuesday to find his bicycle, his only way around town, was missing.

"Angry, I was really angry," said Mike.

So he went to the nearby police department for some help.

"When he came in this morning crying because someone stole his bike, we opened up an investigation. Our patrol guys are going to be out day and night looking for every bike we see on the road because if we find it, that person is going to meet us, up close and personal," said Ted Kahn, the assistant police chief in Delcambre.

It prompted them to post to social media looking for whoever stole Mike’s bike, a blue men’s bike with "distinct" chrome mirrors.

"Mikey is a staple here in Delcambre. He rides that bike all over town. He waves at everybody, he’s friends with everyone. He’s handicapped and everyone looks out for him. A lot of times he’s just at the intersection watching the red light as they go by," said Kahn.

Everyone in Delcambre knows Mike and his bike.

"My heart just dropped, I mean it broke my heart for this little man. I see him all around town, he always has a smile on his face," said Krystal Olivier who saw the post.

She is also the mother of one of the girls in the group called The Little Ladies Society.

"I was really sad because he’s always passing through with a happy face, like he loves his bike," said Carley Evans, a member of the organization.

The Little Ladies Society, whose mission is to help people in the community, saw the need and knew what they had to do.

As Mike was talking with KATC’s Dannielle Garcia, the Little Ladies hid inside. A few minutes in, they came out and surprised him with a brand new black bike, complete with a bell, lights and a lock.

"So you’re not angry anymore?" asked one person, to which Mike replied with a huge smile, "uh-uh. No."

A new bike to take him to all his old spots.

He went around giving big hugs with a smile from ear to ear.

When asked he will take his new bike first, he said "to the Texaco tomorrow."

So he got up on his new bike and road back home where he promised to lock this one up so no one else tries to take it away from him.