Youngsville woman says Bayou Bridge Pipeline ruined her home

Posted at 10:18 PM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 23:18:22-04

Melinda Tillies who owns a home in Youngsville claims problems at her house are only getting worse because of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. She says the work being done near the home is affecting its foundation. 

"I’m not giving up. I am going to fight until my house gets fixed," Tillies says. 

One morning, Tillies says she woke up to a loud booming sound and that was the beginning of her troubles. She later found out the Pipeline was being built just feet from her home and says it all began without warning. 

"I started taking my phone and recording because they would shake my house every time they would move a machine. It was that boom boom, the ground shaking, and everything," Tillies says. 

Tillies tells KATC her front door won’t close properly, her molding is coming off the wall and she has long cracks in her ceiling. She says her home didn’t have these problems when she purchased it a year ago.

The company involved in the pipeline’s construction told her to hire a contractor to get an estimate and they would pay for the repairs. 

"They told me once I get a contractor to come out and get an estimate, don’t come back asking for more money because what you give me is what we are going to use," Tillies says. 

She says she handed over the estimate to the company, but she has not yet received a check. 

"Just looking at my house fall apart, I’m not happy. The only thing I ask is just for them to give me the money that the contractor put so I can fix my house. that’s all I want," Tillies says. 

KATC reached out to Energy Transfer Partners. They tell us that they are investigating the cause of the damage. A spokesperson said that if the damage is the result of the pipeline construction, they’ll work with the homeowner to find a solution.