How to protect your home from fallen trees and branches

Posted at 6:28 PM, Jun 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-18 19:28:59-04

OPELOUSAS, LA — Robert fee is the owner of Rapid Robert Construction and Tree Service in Opelousas. He says this time of year is crucial for identifying potentially dangerous tree issues on your property before they become an even bigger problem.

Fee, like many arborists across Acadiana has been busy pruning branches and cleaning up fallen trees after this past weekend’s heavy winds. He says there are a few key things to remember when considering if you need to have your trees looked at.

"Usually when it’s time to trim is when they’re rubbing your house, getting too close to the house," Fee said. "But if you can’t see through it, if a bird can’t fly through it, it’s usually time to trim," he said.

Fee says pine beetles can also pose a serious threat to a tree’s trunk. And how do you know if you have them?

"It looks like you went with a drill and drilled a bunch of little holes in it," Fee said.

Fee recommends to make sure that any contractor a homeowner hires to work on trees on their property that they check to make sure they have these two types of insurance: general liability and worker’s compensation. Fee’s company carries a million dollars in coverage in each. But the state of Louisiana only requires contractors to carry $25,000 in general liability insurance. 

Finally, Fee recommends keeping trees pruned enough so that their trunks can be seen. This allows a homeowner to see what branches may have split during a storm and may need to be taken down.