Music industry executives looking for prospective talent at Festival International

Posted at 6:55 PM, Apr 26, 2018

Music is one of the major parts of Festival International, and while in Lafayette, the bands playing during festival are taking the opportunity to network with booking agents and recording executives.

Agents and Recording execs like Jon Hornyak who is the Senior Executive Director of the Memphis chapter of The Recording Academy.

"We’re the organization that does the Grammy Awards. You know the Motion Picture Academy does The Oscars. The Television Academy does the Emmys. The Recording Academy does the annual Grammy Awards," explained Hornyak.

Hornyak is one of many music and record executives in town for Festival International, and all of them are looking for the world’s next big music star.
"We always want to be aware of the happening artists. Some, we’re familiar with because of past recordings. We are always paying attention to what the important artists are in various regions of the country, and this is one of the great areas for music in the world," said Hornyak. 

Dans l’Shed is a folk/country/blues band from Quebec.

This weekend they will be performing cuts from their new album "Gaspericana" which blends life on the Gaspésie Peninsula with Americana music. 

"We talk a lot between the songs. We share a story of the songs with people and I think people love to hear that," said Dans l’Shed guitarist André Lavergne

Another Canadian artist, Shauit, will also perform at festival. He meshes his life as a member of the Innu nation in Quebec with reggae rhythms and vocals. 

"I try to tell positive messages in my songs. So, I talk about love, environment, nature. I talk about God. I talk about what I believe, you know," said Shauit. 

And, before the weekend is over he or any of the other festival performers could leave festival with a major record deal.

You can see the full artist performance line up at the Festival International de Louisiane website.