Dozens of young women receive free prom dresses

Posted at 9:56 PM, Apr 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-06 22:56:11-04

Several young girls are prom-ready with dresses and accessories, all for free, thanks to a prom dress giveaway in Opelousas.

Angelique Avilla, a junior at Northwest High School, is one of the dozens of girls who showed up to pick out a prom dress Friday night.

As the girls tried on different gowns, the right fit was all they had to worry about. Event organizer LaTasha Lee Benson did this in honor of her grandmother. 

"Growing up in a single parent household, my mom always worked, so grandmothers were the key to everything. So, that’s why I named this Grannies Girl Project," Benson said.

After searching for a couple months for a dress, Angelique wasn’t sure if this would be where she would find the right dress. 

"I looked for dresses, and I didn’t find one. So whenever I came here to find this one, I’m glad I found it because I didn’t find anything like this when I was looking. And I even went out and looked for dresses, and they had nothing like this, so I’m ecstatic," Avilla said. "I feel like it’s wonderful because some people can’t go out to Lafayette or Baton Rouge and find dresses. So people need stuff that helps them and helps for more girls to be able to go to prom." 

The organizer who suffers from lupus said she just wants to make a difference in someone’s life. 

Some girls traveled from as far as Alexandria to make their dress dreams come true.