Postcards being sent to every Canadian household to help people stay in touch

Posted at 12:52 PM, Mar 09, 2021

OTTAWA – To help Canadians stay in touch during the pandemic, the nation’s postal service is delivering a prepaid postcard to every household in the country. That amounts to about 13.5 million cards.

There are six versions of the postcard, each offering a simple “message of love, appreciation of thanks,” according to a Canada Post press release. Every household will receive one randomly selected postcard.

Canada Post says recipients can send their postcard to anyone they want, anywhere in the country, for free. No stamps will be needed. They can be mailed through street letter boxes, community mailboxes or taken to a post office.

The postcards are part of Canada Post’s “Write Here Write Now” program, which was launched in September to encourage Canadians to use letter writing to connect in a heartfelt way.

“Meaningful connection is vital for our emotional health, sense of community and overall well-being,” said Doug Ettinger, President and CEO of Canada Post. “Canada Post wants everyone to stay safe, but also stay in touch with the people who matter to them.”

Canadians are being encouraged to share photos and videos of sending and receiving their postcards using #WriteHereWriteNow.

While the U.S. isn’t sending postcards to Americans, President Joe Biden said late last month that his administration expects to send millions of masks to people around the country “very shortly.” Officials said they’d be targeted at communities hard hit by the coronavirus.