Krewe de Canailles brings an eco-friendly Mardi Gras to kick off the season

Posted at 10:27 PM, Feb 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-10 23:27:58-05

The Krewe de Canailles is Lafayette’s largest walking parade and the most environmentally friendly, they are saying no to the traditional plastic bead throwing and instead handing out eco-friendly throws.

When you think of Mardi Gras, beads and plastic light-up toys are first in mind. But this sustainable krewe is powered by inclusivity, ingenuity, and sustainability.

Sheila Davoren, a sub-krewe member of the Krewe de Craic says, "All the throws have to hand made, no beads. They have to represent what your theme is and your krewe but there are no barricades so you can walk right up to the little kids and hand them some plushes and some toys you have made or some candy just to see the look on their faces. It's great, I love this parade for that reason."

The theme of this year's parade is to pay homage to the importance of water in South Louisiana and advocate against the standard Mardi Gras practices that ultimately end up in our gutters and waterways.

Luke Sonnier the President-Elect of Krewe de Canailles tells KATC, "This year our theme is "There Must Be Something in the Water"
you know kind of promoting the idea that our waterways are such an important part of Louisiana culture. One of our biggest mission was to promote sustainability in Mardi Gras to do away with the plastic beads you know just stuff that clogs up drains and floats to the river eventually".

Despite this only being their 6th annual parade, the Krewe de Canailles has become an eco-friendly and family-friendly staple in opening Mardi Gras celebrations here in Acadiana.